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Pasta masta class

Min: 4 Ronin

 Lookin to up your pasta "GAME"!?!?!?

Ok homies lets get kneading, rolling and shaping!!!

Sir G will show you three types of pasta and sauce you can use to impress at your next Italian feast or dinna party...No Doubt!!!

Cavatelli w/ Broccoli and Garlic

Fusili Al Ferretto w/ Marinara

Farfalle w/ Pesto



rustic italian

Ready to get down and dirty?!?!?!?!? Try preppin -n- eating your own Rustic Italian meal. Learn how to prep, prepare, cook and eat your work. We all love being served but why not have a dinna party where you actually get involved instead of just chewing. Learn the basics from "Antipasto" to "Homemade Pasta". Let's get cookin w/ GSpotCookin!!!!!!

***Pick One from Each Course***

1.  Stuffed Mushrooms 

2.  Rosemary Caprese Salad Skewer

3.  Roasted Roll Peppers
Lotus Root Chips
Assorted Italian pickled veg

1.  Eggplant Parmigiana Rustico

2.  Stuffed Mussels

3.  Prosciutto Roll 
1.  Meatballs w/ Romesco Sauce

2.  Fishballs w/ Romesco Sauce
1.  Homemade Spaghetti

2.  Homemade Tagliatelle

3.  Homemade Fazzoletti


***Complimentary Bottle***

Red, White or Prosecco