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Cooking League: Service


Min: 6 Ronin

Wanna learn how to finally make Korea's most famous dish..."KIMCHI"⁉️⁉️⁉️ Take our 3 Kimchi execution class. Walk away knowing how to make 3 iconic KIMCHI classics. Baekchu Kimchi (cabbage), Oi Sabagi Kimchi (stuffed cucumber) and Kkakdugi Kimchi (radish). Gather your clan and get ready to make, try, take and share your new skill.



Min: 6 Ronin

 Get your clan together and

entertain yourselves with

your own PRIVATE "Pizza 101" class.

Ciao Bella Ragazzi Y Ragazze. 🍕🍕🍕 Knead, Stretch, Spread, Place, Bake, Eat!!! 

Diversified choice of toppings

from dried sausage, veg, herbs

and yes if requested we will entertain Pineapple.


pasta & BALLS

Min: 6 Ronin

Who doesn't like Italian??? Let the cheffy urge emerge from you or the kids. Try your hands at making handmade pasta and Ferretti's signature balls. GSpotCookin is offerin...prep, construct, cook and eat.

Homemade Pasta.jpg
KFC Waffles.jpg
Bahn Chan Execution 2.JPG

Pasta masta class

Min: 6 Ronin

 Lookin to up your pasta "GAME"!?!?!?

Ok homies lets get kneading, rolling and shaping!!!

G will show you three types of pasta and sauce you can use to impress at your next Italian feast or dinna party...No Doubt!!!

Cavatelli w/ Broccoli and Garlic

Fusili Al Ferretto w/ Marinara

Farfalle w/ Pesto



Min: 6 Ronin

Private tutelage KFC and Waffles...No this ain't the colonels chicken.  Where we come from the real KFC is Korean Fried Chicken.  What goes great with chicken!?Homemade waffles yo!!!  

Learn our original recipe of Korean spicy chicken wings and drums and top it off with our signature recipe waffles.

7 pcs Wings

and a hot and hearty homemade waffle.



(5 Types & Bulgogi demo)

Min: 6 Ronin

Ready or not here comes the bahn to your chan, that’s right ever wondered how to make all those side dishes you seem to finish before the actual meal arrives?  Don’t fret, GSpot will show you how to prep, make and eat.  Along with demo of a K Town classic bulgogi.

(enjoy your creation w/ comp. bowl of rice)

Daikon (Mu Saengchae)

Cucumber (Oi Muchim)

Napa Cabbage (Baechu Namul

Shitake Mushroom (Pyogo Buseot Bokkeum)

Lotus Root (Yeonkeun Jorim)

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