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Min Booking 6 Ronin

Festa dei

sette pesci

(Feast of the 7 Fishes)

Better known in the ol country as 

"La Vigilia"

any Italian fam either in the US or 

back in the motha country would celebrate

the holiday season specifically X-mas eve

with this semi traditional 

dining event!!!

***Some served family style/plated***

Primo Pesci

Octo Salad

Secondo Pesci
 Crab Cake Balls 

Terzo Pesci
Puttanesca w/ Cavatelli


Il Quarto 

Scallops w/ Grilled Radicchio


Quinto Pesci

Calamari in Stewed Tomatos, Red Onion, Capsicum

Sesto Pesci

Endive Lobster Boat

Settimo Pesci

Slo Cooked Sword w/ Fennel Citrus


Grilled Veg

Deep Fried Lotus Root

***Complimentary Glass of Holiday Prosecco***

HKD 1000/PP

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